“I am going to dream about these cupcakes...I'm going to have another one!"

-Naturally Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting


“I definitely can drink buckets of the frosting. It was smooth and flow-y in my mouth. I love everything about it!”

-Vanilla Italian Buttercream


“Incredibly good and perfect...I have now officially eaten half the pie...I had a slice when I first got home with it, a slice after dinner, a slice for breakfast, and one just now.  Oy.”

- Apple Crumb Pie w/Caramelized Pecans


“Best effing pie I've ever eaten...you are evil and amazing all rolled up into one cute package.”

- Apple Crumb Pie


“So i ate the cookies and some of the cup cakes.  Results=awesome!”

- Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and Devil’s Food Cupcakes


Do your pies come with vouchers to buy new jeans when my current ones do not fit anymore? I've been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Yeah, not kidding.”

-Apple Crumb Pie



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